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Mission Statement

The goal of bloatless.org is to provide simple, bloat-free web applications with minimal complexity.


A lot of the modern and popular web applications out there are extremely complex and have tons of features. While a lot of developers and users seem to like it that way, others do not. And this is why this project exists.

The more complex software gets the higher is the risk of bugs, security issues, e.g. Additionally, complex software is harder to maintain, to read and to understand. So it seems like a good idea to reduce complexity as much as possible and keep web applications simple.

Of course bloat, complexity, simplicity and all those buzzwords are relative. What some of us consider bloat other may see a as an essential feature. So all the software on this website is considered bloat-free by it's developer(s) - but that does not necessarily mean, that it will be bloat-free or simple by your definition.


Responsible for this website

Simon Samtleben
Halmstr. 2
50825 Cologne (Germany)

E-Mail: foo@bloatless.org

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